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Your styling kit essentials

First - a word on 'styling'. What is it, exactly? We're talking about all the little accessories and finishing touches you put into your space after the big ticket items are in.

Creating a space that appears to have been effortlessly thrown together takes... well, effort. Typically, a designer will pore over every last accessory that goes into a space - because it is the little details that all add up to make the biggest difference. In fact, you can change the entire vibe of a room just by changing your accessories.

The final styling is where you can really bring a scheme to life, create visual points of interest and enhance the overall feeling you are trying to create in your space.

If you are at the styling stage, you probably have all your main pieces of furniture and you should put just as much time and effort into choosing and placing your accessories.

So - what exactly do you need? Here's a few essentials!



Great for adding height, repeating accent colours and creating visually interesting collections.


Usually some of the most visually interesting pieces in a scheme. Think spheres, standing pieces, arches, ornaments, mounted necklaces, figures, dishes, bookends... the possibilities are endless!


Perfect for grounding a smaller collection of pieces on a large table, or stand them up on shelves to unify arrangements.


Scented ones, preferably! Burn them for at least an hour to fill your room. Look for brands that sell eco-refills so you can keep your beautiful jar and look after our lovely planet.

I collaborated with the wonderful Coppertop Candles to create my signature candle - handmade and hand-poured in the UAE using pure essential oils and 100% natural soy wax. Looks great, smells great too!


Books are so versatile - stack them and add a decor object on top; have a collection of oversized books on your coffee table; display them cover-outward on shelves.

These are just a few of the pieces you can use to style your home. You can find more, as well as my top tips for how to arrange your pieces around your home, in my Home Styling Guide.

Happy styling!




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