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Style your console in 3 simple steps

A console - or sideboard, or dresser - is a perfect opportunity to create a styled moment in your home, and it's so simple to do. Follow these 3 easy steps and style like a pro.

Personally I prefer an asymmetrical look as it gives a more contemporary feel and better flow, and the key is to balance both sides of your console around a focal point.

Here's how:


Always have a focal point for your arrangement. Artwork, a wall-hanging or a large mirror.

It doesn't have to be in the middle, either - if placing off-centre, just make sure you balance the other side.


On one side of the console, you want to add visual weight. This could be one oversized lamp or vase, for example, or an arrangement of smaller pieces. The key is to add height to this side. Group your pieces on a tray if they look 'lost'.


On the other side of the console, add a lower arrangement. A plant, a book stack with a decor piece on top, a low, filled bowl for example.

If you choose to place your focal point off-centre, you can still use a Weight and a Filler, but just arrange them differently - one around your focal point, and one on the other side of the furniture for balance. Play around, step back, and see how it looks.

See - easy! Give it a try and tag @studio_van_oliver in your creations, I'd love to see how you style your pieces.



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