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Downstairs living

A full revamp for the downstairs space of this Dubai Hills home. Our clients had struggled to give their living spaces that 'wow' factor since moving in. First up, tackling the dead space between the kitchen and the lounge. For clients who love to entertain, a cocktail lounge was the only answer. The Loom Collection swivel chairs and a Fronteriors bar cabinet complete the look.

In the kitchen, we worked with what we had and saved on waste by repainting the cupboard doors and island, re-tiling the backsplash and wrapping the countertop - maximum impact with minimum disruption. The addition of lights above the island gives just enough separation between the kitchen and living spaces whilst retaining the open plan feeling. 

The dining room got dramatic with a black wall providing the perfect backdrop to the stunning slab table the client already owned.

A perfect entertaining space for the hosts with the most.

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