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Must-have coffee table books

I have an abundance of coffee table books dotted around my house. Some propped up on shelves, some working as a plinth for other beautiful pieces, and many stacked up next to my sofa for reading when I can grab 5 minutes with a cup of tea... here are some of my favourites, and tips on how to use them.

And remember:

  • Books have two purposes in interior design... display, and inspiration. Don't forget to choose books with content that actually inspires you!

  • Choose books that fit with your overall colour palette. Try to check the spine design if buying online.

  • Don't just rack them up on a shelf... stack them flat and place objects on top; display them cover out; use them to group arrangements.

These are some of my favourites because their aesthetic fits with my own. Yes, they're all pretty neutral, feature lots of rustic goodness and a little bit of black. Look for books that work for you, and have fun!

Happy styling



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