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Let's talk greige...

I don't love the term 'greige', but it is quite handy to be fair. A little bit grey, a little bit beige. And it's a paint colour I use a lot. Here are my go-to greige paints.

Before we start - yes these colours are all from Benjamin Moore. No this post is not sponsored! I do tend to specify Benjamin Moore in my projects as I prefer the quality and depth of colour.

What is greige?

Well, it's a little bit grey and a little bit beige! It's a warmer grey, without the blue undertones that can make some greys read quite cold. It's versatile and can provide a perfect neutral backdrop for a variety of different styles. It's soft, it's comforting, and it's subtle, adding just a hint of colour and warmth whilst allowing the rest of your furniture to pop. Really, you can't go far wrong.

It will read differently in different lights

Greige can read more grey in some lights and more beige or taupe in others. Lots of direct natural light tends to bring out the grey, whilst artificial light brings out the warmer beige tones. This is part of why I love it - fresh and bright in the day; warm and comforting in the evening. Of course the way it reads will depend on the light and orientation of the room you are using it in so always, always do test patches.

And if you need some inspiration for which shades to test, you're in the right place... read on!

benjamin Moore classic gray paint
Wall colour: Benjamin Moore Classic Gray | Design: Studio Van Oliver

#1 Light Pewter 1464

My ultimate greige, perfectly balanced between cool and warm. It adds an almost ethereal feel, and is more subtle than the ever-popular Revere Pewter. Light Pewter has an LRV (Light Reflectance Value) of 67.52 so is the 'darkest' of the colours on this list.

#2 Olympic Mountains 971

Great for spaces that don't get much direct sunlight, or that get lots of warm light. A delicate beige with grey undertones, it's the warmest greige of this list, but the hint of grey keeps things beautifully contemporary.

#3 Classic Gray 1548

A greige that arguably falls in the off-white category (with an LRV of 73.67), Classic Gray has a very slight purple-pink undertone that gives it its warmth, but don't let that put you off! It really is a very subtle, soft shade that pairs beautifully with warmer tones.


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